1/29/99 - THE TOUR DATES HAVE BEEN UPDATED. CLICK HERE FOR ALL DETAILS. 1/29/99 - Philadelphia, PA date is now Feb 18, & Pittsburgh, PA date is now Feb 19. All tickets from the original date will be honored. Not sure what will happen to Buffalo, NY, Aimes. IA & Fargo, ND. I will update here as soon as we know. 1/28/99 - The Buffalo show , Feb 1, has also been postponed. It will be rescheduled as well. Check back here for details. 1/28/99 - Two more shows hve been postponed by Black Sabbath. 1/28, Philadelphia & 1/29, Pittsburgh will be rescheduled. 1/26/99 - Two NEW Shows have been added. Ames, IA & Fargo, ND are the shows. 1/26/99 - The Denver & Salt Lake Shows have been rescheduled. The Denver show will be on Feb. 21 & the Salt Lake Show will be on Feb. 23. We will be adding a couple more dates as well.

Kim Zide - Concrete Management