Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 22:17:22 EDT From: Subject: Re: mouth4war: V6 #411 I know that a mailing was sent out to our street team about this but i figured that i send it here as well. I went to Mexico City to witness Pantera shred it up to 53,000 mexicans. Let me just say, the show was AMAZING! About 2 minutes into Panteras' first song (Domintion/Hollow), the crowd ripped up all of the chairs off the floor!! It was sick........ And no - they didnt play anything new live. And I also got to hear some of the new stuff. The boys are hard at work right now. I heard 3 songs w/vocals & 3 songs w/o vocals. The new stuff is heavy but groovin just as the band promised. I thinks its a good combination of Vulgar & FBD. I dont think anyone will be disappointed!!!! Kimberly Zide Concrete Management, Inc.