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Last Updated:   December 9th,  2004

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At a Damageplan show in Columbus OH last
night--December 8th, 2004--thrash metal guitar god
Dimebag Darrell was murdered by gunman,
Nathan Gale, 25 of Marysville OH,
which is 25 miles northwest of Columbus.
Witnesses said the gunman shot
Dimebag 5-6 times at point blank range.
The gunman also killed three other people.
A police officer was able to shoot and
kill Gale despite the fact he was holding a hostage.

It is a sad day for all who knew
and loved Dimebag. He was a great guitarist,
perhaps the best metal guitarist ever.
He won guitar contest after guitar contest during
his youth living in Texas.
In fact, he won the same contest so
many years in a row that he was asked not to compete anymore.


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