10/01/99 Pantera will be releasing a DVD called 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell on October 12th, 1999 (pushed back from October 5th). It contains all 3 home videos plus footage from Monsters of Rock in Moscow. 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell (DVD) (1999) - "When you pop this disc in your or your friends DVD player, expect to see the most honest jammin', ballz out hell raisin' flick...it's the safest way to let us in your house! This DVD contains the scene, the whole scene and everything in between! We're talkin'band, crew, and anything & anyone who got in the way of our camera eye. This instructional party DVD is for you - the spirited raging Pantera fans, the best in the world!! Thanks you, y'all kick everyone's ass! So dammit - kick back, drink up, light up and watch it go." - Dimebag, Phillip, Rex, Vinnie Paul Catalog #40213-2 Cowboys From Hell Psycho Holiday Cemetery Gates Heresy (Live!) Art Of Shredding (Live!) Mouth For War This Love Walk Domination (Live!) Primal Concrete Sledge Planet Caravan I'm Broken 5 Minutes Alone Drag The Waters Bonus Footage: Pantera Live From Monsters Of Rock In Moscow (Also Includes Interviews and The Band's Personal Footage Filmed On The Road